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Summer milestones of childhood

I have loved watching my three kiddos gain confidence in the swimming pool again this summer. The staff at Roberts Park pool in the Oakland hills is terrific; they teach so much in short, high-fun 25 minute sessions. For my oldest child who is blind, getting the referral to teacher Angela has proven to be a godsend. This little girl now confidently goes underwater and stays for up to ten seconds, retrieving heavy objects from the bottom of the pool. My favorite memory was watching her jump into the deep end (“It’s nine-feet deep Angela”) with two lifeguards. They each held one of her hands and jumped as I shot pictures.

into the deep

In the absence of sight, a student must have first-hand experience feeling how deep the deep end is to enable appreciation of the subsequent safety talk. I’m so happy she has achieved this breath-holding skill, confidence and understanding of different parts of the pool.

Middle daughter has officially joined the ranks of swimmers, has a powerful stroke/kick combo and is super proud of her discovery that she can do underwater somersaults like her mama. She too was taught to jump into the deep end holding a lifeguard floatation device and got the safety talk.

future junior lifeguard?

Youngest child can now stand on his tippy toes in the three-foot depth, with his nose out of water so he spends a lot of time with a life jacket on practicing his ice-cream scoops swimming stroke.

His milestone is confidently jumping into the water on his own, surfacing and swimming to me.

mastering the jump

Of course, our favorite pictures are those crazy underwater ones where we laugh our heads off at what faces look like underwater. Our au pair Nansin has especially enjoyed these silly moments.

Nansin with K kids

underwater with my girls

me and my boy


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